Interessante Arbeit: Muslime über die Bibel


C: Do you believe the Bible to be the Word of God?
M: Before I say yes or no, we should have to clarify what is the word "Bible". The word "Bible" is derived from the Greek word "Biblia" which means books.

C: Yes! The Bible consists of different books, but those are words of God.
M: When we Muslims say "word of God," we refer to "purely word of God." We cannot accept books to be the Word of God if they are concoctions of men which have been put together. The Bible today consists of words of translators, writers, and narrators, and of contradictions, revisions, fabrications and fallacies. Then, as a whole, does it seem justified to mean those words to be the word of God?

C: What do you mean?
M: I believe my words are very clear, but perhaps you could not believe them to be true. spam! When we say "word of God," we must have criteria, because not all books are words of God. These are the criteria: the word of God must :1) Be perfect 2) Be Holy 3) Contain no fallacies and 4) Contain no contradiction. Due to limited space allow me to discuss spam the * and second criteria.

C: Why, is the Bible not perfect and not holy? And I believe the Bible has no fallacies and contradictions.
M: Allow me to lay down my reason, why we Muslims do not accept the whole Bible to be the Word of God.

C: Okay, tell me.
M: The Bible today in your hand, I say, is not perfect. God is perfect, therefore His word must be perfect.

C: Why is the Bible not perfect?
M: *, the Bible now in your hand is the translation from the so-called "original writings". No humble translator today would claim that his translation is perfect or it got the same degree from the original.

C: What is your proof?
M: We Muslims have our sacred book - the Qur'aan. Originally it was written in Arabic. there are Muslim translators and writers who attained excellence in English and Arabic, yet in their translations from Arabic to English they admit that such translations are not the same as the original, whether in expression or in exact meaning. Today, no single Muslim will believe that any translation of the Qur'aan from Arabic to any language will bear the same value and degree of the Arabic Qur'aan.

C: What I need is proof, not explanation.
M: If you need direct proof, spam at your own Bible: In 1611 - Christian Era (CE), you have "King James Version;" today you change it to "New King James Version." Revised Standard Version then the "New Revised Standard Version. Catholic Version, now you have the "New Catholic Version."
C: English is a growing language, that is the reason sometimes they changed the word but its meaning is the same.
M: If you insist that spam some words were changed, but the meaning is still the same, then what is the meaning of begotten?

C: Why do you ask me such word?
M: Because I am proving to you that the Bible does not spam change the word itself, but it changes the meaning, which substantiates my point that the Bible today is not perfect due to mistakes and common defects of the translation. Christian Ministers, Priests, Pastors, etc. do not fail to utter the word begotten in John 3:16. But in the translations of modern scholars of the Bible in the middle of 19th century and in all subsequent translations of the Bible, the word begotten (past participle of "beget") has been eliminated. Because the word "begotten" denotes sexual connotation which is not applicable to God. "To beget" means to sire or have sexual intercourse as the animals do. According to science, human beings belong to the Animal Kingdom. God is far beyond animal nature and instinct.

C: But that is spam one! It could not change my belief that the Bible is perfect and it is the word of God.
M: It is not my right to change your belief, I spam laid down my reason why Muslims do not accept the Bible to be the Word of God. Another proof; * John 5:7 "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." That passage can no longer be * in all modern translations of the Bible. deutsch open the English translations of the Bible in the early 19th century and compare them with the modern translations: you will find that they did not spam change the words but the meaning and story in the Bible.

C: What story?
M: Do you remember the woman who was caught in the act of adultery, then the Scribes and Pharisees brought this woman to Jesus? That story is in John 8:1-11. It is either put inside brackets or in footnote with indication that it is "not * in the Most Ancient Authorities; Many Manuscripts and early Translations do not have this passage." The "New International Version" of the Bible, Copyright 1973, 1978 on the top of Chapter 8 of John says; " THE EARLIEST AND THE MOST RELIABLE MANUSCRIPTS AND OTHER ANCIENT WITNESSES DO NOT HAVE JOHN 7:53, JOHN 8:1-11." Thus they separated John 8:12-59. Would you still insist that the Bible is perfect?

C: God is Perfect, therefore His word must be perfect!
M: I understand with you, God is Perfect. That is why I put it as one of our criteria to identify the word of God. However I am spam reading and using your own Bible, that there are omissions and additions in your so-called "Word of God"! If God Himself omits or adds His own word, no problem at all! But human beings have done them.

C: Perhaps I agree with you that the Bible is not perfect.
M: The second criterion that the word of God must be Holy: spam at the Bible, what is the difference between it and pornographic (Penthouse and Play Boy) Magazines?

Zensur: 2 Samuel 6:20, Genesis 9:19-21, 2 Samuel 11:1-27.

Genesis 38:9, Genesis 19:31-37, Genesis 35:22, 2Samuel 13:1-14, 2Samuel 16:22, Genesis 38:15-50.
When there is no other food, a person who is starving may eat food mingled with impurities to save his life. But what do you call a person when he eats impure food while he has an option to other pure food? The Qur'aan is the option: it is a perfect (pure) word of God that will answer all your problems.
We are traveling to reach our final destination (Paradise). We should have to ride the best transportation, not the one with deficient mechanism. I am offering to you the best, and that is the Qur'aan.
As a Muslim, in the Bible there are words of God and words (products) of men. Therefore, to call it Word of God as a whole is an insult against God.
Also ich fand es interessant, die Arbeit zu lesen, doch distanziere ich mich ausdrücklich als Muslim, was dieser "Muslim" im Interview stellvertretend für die Muslime schreibt.

Nur allein mit diesen Worten stimme ich überein bzgl. Bibel als Wort Gottes:

As a Muslim, in the Bible there are words of God and words (products) of men. Therefore, to call it Word of God as a whole is an insult against God.

Wa salam!
Bitte auf Deutsch wenn es geht, weil nicht jeder Mensch Englisch kann. BITTE.

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